For my grand-parents who live in the countryside of France, Draguignan is the perfect city to do their grocery, go to the cinema or do some shopping. It is by no means a big city especially compared to Paris or Lyon, but for the people living in the countryside of France, it gets the job done. I really like Draguignan, though I am afraid of being a bit biased having spent many years in Provence where the only source of entertainment could be found there.

IMG_0348According to my brother, it gives you a taste of the big city and the architecture without all the people. It is certainly active however. People like to go out during the day as it is very hot in Draguignan. Walking down the street, we can see people on the terrace of bar and restaurants enjoying the cool air coming out of said places. They sipped lemonade or water and enjoy each others company.

IMG_0349Watch out however! Shops usually close between noon and 2pm so make sure not to arrive at this time. Or find a good restaurant and stay there until the shops opens again (coming soon: La boîte à crêpes for a good suggestion). If you would rather watch a movie, a second cinema was created this year. Previously, there was le Cinéma Eldorado that could be found by the town square, but they now opened a brand new and bigger cinema a little bit outside of Draguignan. I went there to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it was very nice. It is called CGR Chabran for anyone wanting to check it out.



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