Arrival in Lyon

After leaving the countryside of France, eating delicious food at Paul’s (coming soon: Chez Paul Review) and discovering the wonders of nougat (see Le Palais du Bonbon et du Nougat), we finally arrived in Lyon in the afternoon. My grand-parents live on la presqu’île de Lyon. In other words, the little piece of land in the middle of Lyon surrounded on one side by Le Rhône and on the other side, by La Saône, the two main rivers of Lyon. Watch out if you are driving in this area! Most of the streets, apart from the main ones, are one-way streets so plan in advance how you will get to your destination. We, ourselves, got lost a bit and circled around for awhile.


I have never been to Lyon before, but from what I saw that day, I liked it very much. The architecture is gorgeous. The amount of details on each and every building is astounding. Even the balcony of the apartments aren’t simple bars of metals. They are shaped and embellished such that metallic flowers and plants appeared on the surface. Along the rivers, the buildings have different colors from pink to yellow on top of orange which makes for a pretty sight.


On this day, we got to do some shopping and discovered La Place Bellecour which is not far from our apartment. The large square is in the middle of Lyon and a lot of tour buses leave from there along with L’Open Tour, double-decker bus to visit all the main attractions in Lyon (Post coming soon). La Place is made of red sand and displays a imposing statue of Louis XIV on a horse. Lyon’s tourist office is also in the square if you have any question or want to reserve ticket for a city’s tour.


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