St-Raphaël and Bastille Day

July 14th is the national holiday in France, also called Bastille Day. This year, we decided to go to St-Raphaël, a coastal town in the region of Le Var, to see the fireworks.

I have been there once before, many years ago for an afternoon and kept nice memories from the place. It’s a beautiful little town by the sea. Little tourist shops, restaurants and brasseries can be visited when walking along the sea front. There are also many palm trees to create some shade to hide from the sun, because, boy, is it hot in St-Raphaël. We arrived at around 5h30 to visit the town a bit before going to dinner and even while dressed all in white, I could feel the sun beating down on my shoulders and neck.

The architecture is also beautiful. We passed by a church after leaving the parking lot and on our way to the harbour: La Basilique Notre-Dame de La Victoire. We stepped into this gorgeous place for a moment of piece and quiet. And some of the fresh air inside. We didn’t stay long as we stumbled in the middle of the Mass but we still admired the stained glass windows and the dome ceiling.


After visiting the church and the little shops, we made our may to our restaurant for the evening: Le Rocher. We spent a lovely evening there and ate deliciously. Fish for the main entree and a tarte tropézienne for dessert. Since the restaurant had a private beach, we got to lie on the deckchairs and admire the firework display happening right on top of us.


Finally, we spent a great evening in St-Raphaël and I recommend to anyone to visit this beautiful town if they get the chance.


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