Bus Tour in Lyon

On our last day in Lyon, we decided to do a tour of the city of a double-decker bus with an open roof. The tour was called Open Tour and tickets can be bought at the Office of Tourism at Place Bellecour. On this sunny day, we therefore made our way to the bus stop with the tickets bought the day before. This day could not have been more perfect for such an excursion: sunny and warm. I think we tanned a bit during this trip. 🙂 We sat at the back on the second level (where the cool kids usually sit).


There were many stops along the route:

1) Place Bellecour – starting point. It’s near the Tourism Office to buy the tickets for the tour.

2) Vieux Lyon/ St Jean – traboules (see previous post), bouchons (lyons restaurants),…

3) Perrache – Place Carnot, Train station,…

4) Amphitheatres – open-air venue used for entertainment and music festivals.

5) Fourvière – Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière (see post for more details), …

6) Parc des Hauteurs – a park and a cemetery

7) Mur Peint – painting displaying 30 people important to Lyon and its history. It takes the entire side of a building in Lyon.

8) Terreaux – Opera, City Hall, …

9) Cordeliers – Palais de la Bourse (Chamber of Commerce) and some shopping

10) Berges du Rhône – Perfect place to get off and walk along the Rhône

11) Place des Jacobins – Shopping

City Hall

The whole tour takes about an hour and a half if you don’t get off the bus. However, since the pass is for the whole day, we decided to get off at les Terreaux (#8) to walk around a bit and eat something as there are a lot of restaurants in front of City Hall. You can also decide to eat at #10 since there are a lot of restaurants along the rhône and even some boats that have been converted to serve food and you can then eat on the river. We really enjoyed this tour as it shows a lot of the most beautiful places in Lyon. 6 different languages were offered for the commentaries including French, English, Spanish and even Japanese. Earbuds were even provided for the tour. The day pass is 19 euros for adults, 8 for children (4 to 11 years old) and 17 for seniors, students and people with disabilities. They even have a Lyon by Night tour though we didn’t try it. Check it out if you get the chance! It is definitely worth it. 🙂


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