Obviously, I am partial towards this village of France considering it’s mine but it is still a very pretty one. My grand-parents actually live just outside of it, but every time they need to get the post or some groceries, they go there. Claviers is in the middle of a valley so you can see mountains from just any viewpoint in this village. I am sure any outdoorsy person would love nothing more than to go up and down the road paths going from one peak to the next and explore the French countryside.IMG_0706I enjoyed growing up in this village. I remember the fair games during the parties in the village: tossing the rings around the bottles, shooting the balloons with the arrows or with the guns. I was particularly good with the guns despise having never held one. We always came home with tons of little trinkets and plush toys. We have since gotten rid of most of them, but the feeling of winning those games still stay.


There is a pizzeria in the village which serves excellent food, both eat-in and take out. They make their pizza the way Italians do with the thin crust and they are delicious. Plenty of choices too which is always nice when you have vegetarians like me at the table. There is also a restaurant in the square right in front of the church. It is a quiet little brasserie where old friends can sit together and chat over some wine. 🙂


I have to admit though, I don’t spend as much time as I used to. My grand-parents are slowly moving to Lyons so apart from a few old friends in Claviers, they don’t have anymore ties to the village. It still remains however a very nice place and I will make sure to bring my future children/nieces/nephews to show them where the family came from.

People used to have carriages and therefore the buildings kept the doors used to let them in and use them as garage doors instead.

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