North America


Despite having lived in Vancouver for close to 5 years, I had never once been to Whistler. Which always caused exclamations of surprise every time I mentioned it considering it is 3 hours away and a must-see while in Vancouver. Finally, last year, I got to go. As part of the company’s retreat, the Victoria and the San Francisco met up in Whistler. We had just hired a bunch of people (including myself) and it was a good idea for everyone to meet and mingle. As for me, it was a good excuse to check it off my list of places to see. And I am glad I went. What beautiful views at the top of the mountain!


Whistler village is also very nice. I don’t know how it was before the Olympics but I understood there was a lot of construction. It sure turned out nice at the end. Lots of restaurants, clothing stores and activities. Our team decided to do a tour in ATV up one of the mountains with Canadian Wilderness Adventures.


For 159 CAD dollars, we spent 4 hours going up in an ATV up Blackcomb Mountains. At the top, we got lunch on a patio with salmon, vegetables, salad,… and the most amazing view you can imagine. We were super lucky! That day couldn’t have been better in terms of weather. It was sunny and no clouds in the horizon so we got tons of great pictures. 🙂 Oh, and it’s totally doable for a beginner. I had never been on an ATV before and we got a little run through before going up the mountain. The instructor made sure we practiced a bit. I wasn’t totally comfortable at the beginning but a couple of miles later, I got used to the machine fairly quickly.


There is so much more to do there. Horseback riding and canoe to name a few. A few of my coworkers went running around Whistler every morning (I am not that dedicated to fitness). You shouldn’t be bored. I believe there are tons of buses that go Vancouver-Whistler and back. Add it to your to do list (if it is not already there). 🙂


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