North America


The day my friend told me there was market with goats on the roof, I thought she was high. As it turns out, she was not. On Vancouver’s island, there is a little town called Coombs about 2 hours away from Victoria. It’s too small to make a day trip out of it but it is a perfect stop on the way to Tofino (about 2h30 after Coombs).


According to the website, the idea of putting goats on the roof of the market was a combination of tall grass growing on the roof and a couple of glasses of wine. Regardless, it was a genius marketing idea because the goats are the central attraction of the town. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely worth the stop.


The market is very cute. Apart from the goat on the roof, there is a great ice cream stand right behind it. If you prefer a more substantial meal, there is super cute trattoria called Cuckoo. It serves excellent food and the settings is pretty as they decorated the place with lights. I went with my family but it would make a great spot for a date.



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