North America


There a many little towns on Vancouver’s island. Being oblivious woman like me however, I only discover some of them in the last year despite having lived for several years on the island. I discovered Coombs thanks to my Acadian friend and Chemainus through my Korean friend here in Victoria on a holiday visa. Sometimes you need a foreigner to point you to the things right outside your door.

Chemainus is a small little town right in the middle of Victoria and Nanaimo (so ~1hr outside of Victoria). Its main attractions consist of the painted murals dispersed all throughout the town. We unfortunately visited it under the rain but a few droplets didn’t change my opinion on the cuteness of Chemainus. Lots of the architecture has an “old town” feeling to it, reminding me of many cowboy movies. It is very quaint and we loved it, going so far as staying for the 4’o clock tea with some cream and crumpets.


There is a map you can follow but we decided to free-style it. Most of the murals depicts some of the history of Chemainus, including important people born in this town. It took us the afternoon to walk around and see most of them. On top of that, we stopped along the way at some very cute christmas and candy shops and had our afternoon tea.


Another stop I recommend if you are doing a road trip on Vancouver’s island. Definitely worth the stop on the way to Nanaimo. Enjoy the murals!


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