Ladies learning Code

After graduating UBC and moving to Victoria, I was a bit lost as to how I could get my foot in the door when it came to the tech industry. I had some internship experience through university but my network mostly consisted of Toronto and Vancouver. I was on my own when it cames to the tech industry in Victoria. I have to admit, I was also looking for friends which is how I came across Ladies Learning Code. I am dedicating this post today to LLC not only because it has allowed me to find my current position in a local startup, but because I have also made lifelong friends through this organization.


Ladies Learning Code is a non-profit Canadian organization striving to teach technical skills to women. They offered monthly workshops with subjects ranging from HTML/CSS to Ruby and Python. As I used to be a teaching assistant back in college, I signed up to mentor  their very first workshop in Victoria: Introduction to HTML and CSS andI had lots of fun. 🙂 Every mentor has 4 learners at their table eager to spend a full Saturday learning code. The workshop starts at 10 am and finishes at around 4pm. We had about 60 learners with dozens of mentors/volunteers and one instructor.


None of us are paid. I have since mentored at most of their workshops and I don’t think I am the only when I said I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I know what it is like to be the only female in the room. The percentage of women in tech is low and I want to help bring that number up. I do it also for the girl who was told science wasn’t for her. Every workshop, I get at least one learner in my group who has her ‘ha ha’ moment as I like to call it. The moment when it clicks and the pieces fall into place. I see it when the frown they used to wear while staring at the screen suddenly turns into a smile. When a coding language no longer looks like gibberish, but becomes logical.

I teach for these moments.


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