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What to do in New Orleans, USA

1. Swamp Tours

I had many activities planned for New Orleans but the one I was most excited about was the swamp tour. After watching ‘Lake Placid’, I was always fascinated by alligators. I therefore booked a tour with Cajun Encounters. The bus came to pick me up at my hotel and after ~45 mins of driving, we arrived at the swamp. We were quickly split into different boats and for about two hours, toured the swamp. Now, I unfortunately went during the mating season so most of the alligators were ‘busy’. We did however got to see two smaller ones. We also encountered a wild boar called ‘Junior’ (such a cutie), snakes and birds.

Encounter with the alligator

2. Ghost Walking Tour in French Quarter

I had no idea but New Orleans is full of vampire and ghost stories. Between the pirates, the slaves and their masters and the first settlers, the city is full of history. It was a great tour and I had tons of fun. It lasted for two hours with tours leaving at 5h30 and 8h00. I preferred the latter one as I thought the night added to the scary element of the stories. 🙂 Highly recommended!

3. Garden District Walking Tour

One of the nicer neighbourhoods of New Orleans, it was worth it to do a free walking tour through Garden City as part of the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour. It’s a nice neighbourhood with flowers everywhere (probably wouldn’t be called garden district otherwise). Sandra Bullock even has a house there. The tour wasn’t too long either, only 45 minutes.

Garden District

4. Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Always a must-do when I get to a new city, I love booking a bus pass for a city tour. It’s such a great way to go around the city and see the main attractions in two hours. The fact that you can get off and see a particular part of the city and come back on the bus is an added bonus.

Still on my list of To dos:

  1. World War II Museum – I unfortunately had no time for it, but it has been highly recommended by everyone I talked to.
  2. Plantation Tours – A full-day tour and something I also really do to but ran out of time
  3. Frenchmen Street
  4. Bourbon Street
  5. Mardi Gras – Duh 🙂

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